Can you pray for more than one person or more than one request?

Yes, prayers can be arranged for as many people as you wish, and for any or all of their different needs. The cost of 40 days of prayer is $18 per person, and you should choose the requested number of people to be prayed for, on the registration form.

If I don't know my/their Hebrew name, can you still pray for me/them?

Yes. God recognizes names in all languages, but it is preferable to give the person who is praying on your behalf the Hebrew names of the person being prayed for and his mother.

Who are the people who will be praying for me?

Tefilot.org engages the help of Torah scholars who dedicate their lives to becoming closer to God. In return for financial support for themselves and their families, they undertake to visit the Western Wall every day for 40 days, to pray on your behalf.

If someone else is praying for me, do I still need to pray?

During the 40 days of prayer you must remember that asking someone else to intercede on your behalf does not remove your personal obligation to pray, but only strengthens the power of your own prayers.

When is the deadline for booking 40 days of prayer?

Prayers can be booked throughout the year.

Why do I have to pay money in order to have someone pray on my behalf at the Western Wall?

Tefilot.org is an organization which took upon itself to pray on behalf of others at the Kotel. We feel grateful and privileged for the merit of being messengers for prayers sent from all over the world.
Unfortunately, the costs of such a project accumulate, since we support the Torah scholars who spend a few hours each day in travelling to the Wall and reciting all the personal requests and prayers. Besides this there are also the costs of the site maintenance, advertising and daily office work which are mainly intended for publicizing this great service and bringing this special opportunity to the attention of more people around the world.