Rabbi Yonatan Ben-Uzziel's Tomb in Amuka

Rabbi Yonatan Ben-Uzziel was one of the 80 Tana'im who were the students of Hillel the Elder. He is considered to be a great Tzaddik (holy person) who wrote the book "Targum Yonatan" and a book of Kabbalah. His tomb in Amuka is famous for being a place where unmarried people come for blessings and to pray in order to find their marriage partner. It is located in the Galilee near Tzfat (Safed), in the north of Israel 26 of Sivan, which this year will be on June 20, 2017, is the day of public celebration in memory of Rabbi Yonatan Ben-Uzziel. 

We would like to offer you a unique opportunity to send your name and personal prayer and Talmidei Chachamim (Torah Learners) will pray on your behalf at Amuka. 

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