40 Days

40 days of prayer

Any Jew who has ever stood at the Kotel could feel its holiness. Those who cannot be there in person often send messages to be placed in the Western Wall or emissaries to pray on their behalf. We have the opportunity to arrange for Rabbis and God-fearing men who live in Jerusalem to pray on your behalf, each and every day, for 40 days of prayer. May their prayers help open the Gates of Heaven to your wishes.

 Reasons for 40 days prayer

There are mystical reasons why 40 days of prayer bring down special blessings from Heaven, Anyone who finds it hard to pray, or who worries that he is not worthy to talk to God, should ask a holy and learned person to represent him and reinforce their own prayers.

Everyone needs prayer – for themselves and for their loved ones – whether be it health, happiness, finding a spouse, conceiving or raising children, forgiveness, financial success, or any area of their lives. 40 days of prayer is perfect solution!

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40 Days